Meet Merary Pineda, Kinder Coach

Kinder Coach Member

Merary Pineda, Kinder Coach


  • English
  • Spanish


  • Community Health Worker


Merary’s decision to work at Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic comes from her desire to assist low-income families in the area. She recognized the need for support and wanted to make an impact offering information and resources that are often times viewed as unattainable by low-income families. She lives with her husband and their cat. In her free time, she loves to read and hang out at the arcade.

Merary is passionate about working with children, believing strongly in the importance of meeting their needs and recognizing their beauty and worthiness of love and attention. She likes to focus on working in social work and wants to enhance the well-being of children and help them meet basic needs. To give back to her community she helps her grandparents by taking them to appointments and providing any assistance that they need with paperwork, legal documents, and maintaining their house.

Merary is usually at our Orenco office on Wednesdays

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