Masks Are Encouraged

Updated April 3rd, 2023 – As you may have heard, Oregon healthcare settings are not required to wear masks beginning April 3rd. However, our clinic has a few exceptions:

  • Our providers and staff will continue to wear masks when seeing patients/families with respiratory symptoms.
  • We strongly encourage patients/families to wear a mask when exhibiting respiratory symptoms such as cough as well as fever or nausea.

  • When checking in, patients/families can let the front desk know if they feel more comfortable having their provider/medical assistant continue to wear masks. We understand that families may still be worried about contracting COVID at a healthcare facility, and we will respect our patients’ requests.
  • Our clinic will still provide masks for all patients, families and employees who wish to continue to wear them.
  • *Mask policies are subject to change, but we’ll keep our website/social media updated if this happens. Thank you everyone!*