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Hillsboro Pediatric News

Calling for Advice

Here at Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic taking care of your kids is our number one priority. To provide the highest level of care we have to follow specific requirements and guidelines. Unfortunately, due to the state licensing requirements, if our staff is aware you are outside the state of Oregon, we will not be able to provide triage or advice. We appreciate your understanding of the requirements we have to follow, and hope all of your travels are safe, happy, and healthy!

FMLA and Other Forms Completion Timeline

All FMLA forms will be ready for families within 15 business days upon receipt. All other forms will be ready for families within 10 business days.

Medical Chaperones

Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic wants everyone who comes through our doors to feel respect and dignity accessing care at this medical home. We offer medical chaperones for any sensitive physical exam and upon request to ensure our patients feel comfortable.

What is a Sensitive Exam?

A sensitive exam involves areas covered by a swim suit – genitals, anus, and chest.

What is a medical chaperone?

A medical chaperone is a professional who is trained to observe clinical exams, especially of sensitive “swim suit areas” like genitals, butt, and breasts. Medical chaperones are present to help a patient feel comfortable during what can be an awkward experience. They are also there to witness events should there be any misunderstandings or concern about what took place.

Why is HPC offering medical chaperones?

As of July 2023, the Oregon Medical Board requires all board-certified clinicians to offer a trained medical chaperone for any sensitive exam. You should be offered a medical chaperone every time a sensitive exam is needed, regardless of patient age or medical specialty.

May I decline a chaperone?

Yes. Parents and guardians have the right to decline a medical chaperone for children under 15 years old. In general, minors who are 15 years or older are able to consent to medical services without parental consent in Oregon, so patients 15 years and older have the right to decide for themselves to request or decline a medical chaperone.

May I change my mind and decide I want a medical chaperone?

Yes! If at first you said “no, thank you”, you can request a medical chaperone at any time during your exam.

May I be the medical chaperone for my child?

A medical chaperone should be someone the patient does not know outside the clinic. Parents will still be present for exams of younger children, and older patients can decide if they want a parent or friend with them.

May I request a specific chaperone?

Let us know your preference – like if you prefer a female or male medical chaperone, or someone who speaks a particular language. However, we may not be able to accommodate your request

Masks Are Encouraged

Updated April 3rd, 2023 – As you may have heard, Oregon healthcare settings are not required to wear masks beginning April 3rd. However, our clinic has a few exceptions:

  • Our providers and staff will continue to wear masks when seeing patients/families with respiratory symptoms.
  • We strongly encourage patients/families to wear a mask when exhibiting respiratory symptoms such as cough as well as fever or nausea.

  • When checking in, patients/families can let the front desk know if they feel more comfortable having their provider/medical assistant continue to wear masks. We understand that families may still be worried about contracting COVID at a healthcare facility, and we will respect our patients’ requests.
  • Our clinic will still provide masks for all patients, families and employees who wish to continue to wear them.
  • *Mask policies are subject to change, but we’ll keep our website/social media updated if this happens. Thank you everyone!*

Welcoming our newest PNPs Jessica Chaney and Tanna Winters!

We have a couple new additions to HPC! We are excited to introduce and welcome our newest pediatric nurse practitioners (PNP), Tanna Winters and Jessica Chaney!

Tanna has lived in the Pacific Northwest her whole life, receiving her Masters in Nursing at OHSU. She enjoys traveling and practicing her golf skills.

Jessica has lived in the Willamette Valley most of her life, currently residing on a family farm. She is a Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Learn more about Tanna!

Learn more about Jessica!

Now Scheduling Flu Shots!

All flu shots are by appointment only, available during Monday-Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. We also offer weekday mornings. At this time, we’re unable to offer COVID vaccines during the flu clinic. Thank you for your understanding and be safe during this flu season!

¡Llame ahora para programar la vacuna contra la gripe!

Las citas están disponibles de lunes a jueves por la noche y los sábados por la mañana. También ofrecemos mañanas entre semana. Por ahora, no podemos ofrecer vacunas COVID durante la clínica de gripe. ¡Gracias por su comprensión y esté seguro durante nuestra temporada de gripe!