Behavioral Health in Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic

Allison Huntley, MSW, LCSW

Allison is a licensed clinical social worker. She specializes in addressing a wide range of concerns including: grief and loss, emotion regulation, peer relationships, life transitions, trauma and more.

Liz Avalos, MS

Liz is a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. Prior to joining HPC, Liz has been a child and family therapist, mental health consultant for preschool programs, couples therapist, and research consultant.

Lynsey Lomeli, MSW

Lynsey obtained her Masters of Social Work (MSW) at Portland State. She has a background in trauma-informed care, cultural sensitivity, and crisis intervention.

What is Behavioral Health?

Good health care involves paying attention not just to physical health, but also stress, relationships, emotional health, habits, and behaviors, and how those things interact with each other and medical conditions. A behavioral health provider can help you or your child get the information, skills, and emotional support needed to help your child feel better, be healthier, regain control of life, and live more fully despite stress, pain, or illness. Behavioral health providers at Hillsboro Pediatric Clinic are licensed professional counselors who specialize in helping people develop skills and make changes to improve their overall health and manage their health conditions. The behavioral health provider is part of your medical team and will consult with your child’s provider and the rest of the team to ensure thorough and coordinated care.